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Active Galleries / Archive Galleries

Events are available to view and order online for a limited time.

Photos are posted as ACTIVE galleries on the website, only during the week of the event . Monday night at midnight, every week, that week's images go into the ARCHIVE galleries. Ordering access to the Archives is available, however there is a fee for this service. Upon approval of access (verification of the access fee paid and received) you will receive an email confirmation that your access has been approved.

Archive access is valid for THREE DAYS from when your access is approved. When you have access to the archives, you have access to ALL the archive galleries, not just the one class / event you requested. Archives are available for a minimum of 60 days after the week of the event. After 60 days, galleries may no longer be available.

If a password is required to view an event that you were not notified of, you may submit a request via email. If you have forgotten your login password, you may submit a request directly through the website and you will be emailed your password immediately.

You can order and pay online for events that are no longer posted. In the Events Galleries, there is RE - ORDER FORM. You must know the specific photo file number to submit your order, which is on the back of every photo, and the name of digital files delivered. We do have on file all favorites saved, order histories and all archives. Always save your favorites!!

Again, events are available to view and order online for a limited time.

Standard events are only in Active Galleries, the week of the event.

Monday night at midnight, that week's galleries go into the Archive Galleries.


Customized edits and options are available as add-ons to prints ordered (ears forward, remove small item from background.) Each and every standard photo order, whether or not customized, is handled by renowned Graphic Designers, and printed by a small independent print lab that specializes in Fine Art. All done on an individual basis. We can and do offer more detailed design, as we take great pride in offering individual attention to our clients' needs. A variety of private projects and customized items are available - anything you can imagine using our images, we can bring together for you!

Custom Frames

We are partnered with one of the most esteemed hand - framers in the United States. Hand carved and stained or painted (including gold-leaflet), historical, museum framing, that for decades was only available to museums and historical galleries, is now exclusively available through Alison Hartwell Photography. All frames hand made in the USA. Send us an email or give us a call with what your vision is, and we can make it happen!

Digital Files

When you order a digital file, it is for the specific usage purchased only. See (that you accepted terms on, in order to continue to view images here on the website.) Photos ordered as digital files are signed differently than on prints ordered, and downsized for web / digital usage only. NOT FOR PRINT. Specific written permission and photo credit is always required.

For all orders, including digital only, we always say, "please allow four to six weeks for standard delivery." We say this to be safe, and so that you may be happily surprised when they arrive sooner!

Payments and Shipping

We accept all major credit cards.

Checks and money orders may be mailed, accompanied by a print out of the order enclosed.


Each image ordered is handled individually by specialists, every step of the way in our services, for the absolute best quality, delivered to you. Please allow four to six weeks for standard delivery. Express shipping is a option available upon checkout.

Express processing is available for a 100% fee, not including shipping. Send an email or call us to inquire.

Customizations, Specialty items, or the giclee paper may take longer.